Available since framework version 1.0.

Defined in : DataBases.con
(this file must be included in your application in order to have access)

Require : standard.db.sql


Encapsulates the result of a query as ADODataRecords. This is the class you should instantiate after an ADOConnection was created in order to have access to the connected database.

ADODataSet is a set of ADODataRecords encapsulating various properties like CommandText and FieldValues and methods like ExecuteQuery for execution of a SQL query.


This is the number of columns in the current row
Using this property you can set the SQL query text
Sets or gets the ADOConnection used for this data set
With this property you have access to the result of an executed query
Returns the status of a positional update query (true if updated, false if not)
This property is very similar to the CommandText property, but it takes parameters (for large objects for example)
The row index of the current row


This is the standard contructor for this class and should not be used directly
Adds an ADO control to the linked objects list
Adds a parameter to a prepared SQL query
Notifies VirtualADOObject derived controls that the current SQL query has changed, and should update their contents
TODO: Document this
Clears all parameters added with the AddParameter function
Closes the current read operation
This function returns the number of rows in the current result
Refreshes the current record, is possible
Performs a positional delete on the current query
This function is similar to the ExecuteQuery function, but it returns no records
It executes the SQL query specified by the CommandText or PreparedQuery property and updates the FieldValues property
Fetches a row by its index
This function should be used only when working with MySQL and tables that contain big text fields
Moves to the first row, if possible
Identical to FieldValues, if you prefer the functional version
The last error(s) encountered by the data set, as a string
Moves to the next row, if possible
Moves to the previous row, if possible
Reexecutes the current SQL query
Remove an ADO control to the linked objects list
TODO: Document this
TODO: Document this
TODO: Document this
Performs a positional update on the current query
This function performs list-style operations for VirtualADOObject derived controls
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