Available since framework version 1.0.

Defined in : DataBases.con
(this file must be included in your application in order to have access)

Require : standard.db.sql,standard.lib.str


This is a class for connecting to a database server. It uses the ODBC standard and on linux requires the iODBC or unixODBC libraries. Using this, you can connect to any data base server that provides an odbc interface. This control was successfully tested with: MS SQL, MySQL, Access and more.


The connection handle as returned by the odbc library
Ends the current transaction
The last error(s) encountered by the connection related processed, as a string


This is the standard contructor for this class and should not be used directly
Closes the current connection
List columns in a table
TODO: Document this
List the tables in a database
This function tries to connect to a odbc driver specified by the connection string
This function tries to connect to system or user DSN
Switch to user controlled transaction