win32.base.messages is available since version 1.0.
Import library : win32.base.messages
(you must include this at the top of your source: "import win32.base.messages" (no quotes)


The base for the Concept remote client application. This library is used internally, and generally you should not call get_message, send_message and wait_message_ID directly (being easier to just use the framework build based on this functions). Also provides inter application communications functions like SendAPMessage and GetAPMessage.

This library is fully portable on supported operating systems (windows+penguins). The win32 in the prefix is because is using style similar to the win32 API messages, and the first Concept client was not cross platform. In this new version, the client is gtkmm-based, and is fully portable.


Caches blocks of messages; instead of sending multiple blocks containing messages, the messages are grouped
Sets a checkpoint to avoid infinite loops
This function is reserved for internal use
This function is reserved for internal use
Flushes a previously created block of messages created with BeginUpdateSession
Gets the application ID (APID) for the current process
Waits for an inter-application message, and gets its content
Gets the parent application ID (if the application has a parent)
Checks if there is an inter-application message pending to be read
Sends a message to another instantiated application
Gets a message from the Concept Remote Client
Sends a message to the Concept Remote Client
Similar to get_message, with the difference that it waits for a specific message ID given by the caller