standard.lib.thread is available since version 1.0.
Import library : standard.lib.thread
(you must include this at the top of your source: "import standard.lib.thread" (no quotes)


Basic thread control in Concept. Also implements the DIJKSTRA Semaphores.


Kills a thread
Creates and runs a thread
Sleeps for a given number of milliseconds
Waits for a thread to end
Creates a semaphore
Destroy semaphore
Create and initialize a semaphore, with an empty wait queue, and couter=' val'
'P' Operation on the 'sem' semaphore'; its counter is decremented; if counter < 0, then the calling task is moved to the wait queue
'V' Operation on the 'sem' semaphore'; its counter is incremented; if counter >= 0 and the wait queue is not empty, then one of the waiting tasks is extracted to continue running