standard.C.string is available since version 1.0.
Import library : standard.C.string
(you must include this at the top of your source: "import standard.C.string" (no quotes)


C-style string manipulation routines


Get a system error message
Finds characters in a buffer
Compare characters in two buffers
The value of dest
Copies count bytes of characters from src to dest
Sets buffers to a specified character
Append a string
Find a character in a string
Compare strings
Compare strings using locale-specific information
Copy a string
Scans a string for the initial segment not containing any subset of a given set of characters
Get the length of a string
Append characters of a string
Compare characters of two strings
Copy characters of one string to another
Scan strings for characters in specified character sets
Find a character in a string
Find the first substring
Find a substring
Find the next token in a string
Transform a string based on locale-specific information