Available since framework version 1.0.

Defined in : XMLDocument.con
(this file must be included in your application in order to have access)

Require : standard.lib.xml


A provides access to an XML document. It contains a tree of XMLNodes than can be accessed starting from the root node using the Root property.


Sets or gets the encoding type to use for the document
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Sets or gets the name of the targeted filename
Gets or sets the root node of a XML document
Sets or gets the xml version to required by the output operations like Save or SaveString


Initializes the XML document
Frees the memory used by the XML document
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Loads the xml data from the given Filename
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Loads the xml document from a given string
Creates a new XMLNode and returns it
Saves the xml data to the given Filename
Saves the xml document to a string
The standard constructor
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