Available since framework version 1.0.

Defined in : WebTemplate.con
(this file must be included in your application in order to have access)

Require : web.service.template, standard.C.io


The HTML templates used by a Concept WEB Application. This is very similar to Smarty (that runs on PHP), but only with the basic features such as foreach, if, members access, arrays and some modifiers (the CTP documentation will be available soon). The result is intended to be outputted to the WebDocument object using the << operator.

CTP = Concept TemPlate


Gets the last errors
Access the result of the Generated template
Sets or gets the template content
Sets the template file (the ctp file)


Binds a template variable to a concept source one
Generates the HTML content, and returns it as a string if no Errors were encountered
Unbinds a concept variable
This is the standard contructor for this class and should not be used directly