protected function LinkIfNotLinked


null-return LinkIfNotLinked(Object)


The object for this object to be linked to


This is a special function, wich should be used after a GUI object was created that has no parent.
In Concept all objects must be linked, and this is usually done by linking to the parent.
Every object must contain a reference to the general Event Vector. If it is not linked to any of the
existing GUI Objects, it has no way of optaining a reference to the events vector.

Remeber that you should NEVER call this function for an object that has a parent.

In some cases, an object has no parent.
For example an Image in a TextView object, may have no parent. This is
because the Image is insered as the text is, without having TextView as a parent. But, if you want to
catch any of the TreeView's Image events, you must first link the image to the TreeView.

Return value: