Available since framework version 1.0.

Defined in : MultiItems.con
(this file must be included in your application in order to have access)

Require : standard.lib.str, standard.C.casts


This class is used internally by the framework. It encapsulates the rows of the RTreeView, RComboBox and REditComboBox. Has functions that should NOT be called directly in order to maintain the data integrity of the row-based controls.

This data structure is used to encapsulate tree-like data.

Only two members are intended to be used by the programmer: the Count property and the [] operator. All other functions will be just enumerated, and shortly documented for the user to have an idea only, not to use them.


This property gets the number of items in the multi items view


Adds data to the MultiItems
Adds data as a child of the MultiItems
Clears the data contained by the MultiItems
Delete data from the MultiItems
This function finds the position to add an element, in order to keep the array sorted
Returns the data identified by a specific path
Inserts data into the MultiItems
Inserts data into an array of MultiItems
This is the standard contructor for this class and should not be used
Removes data from an MultiItems array by index
Updates the data in a MultiItems
This is the operator used to retrieve data from the multi items view