Data types


Concept has five basic data types: string, number, array, class and delegate. The first two are considered "static data types" because no special memory is allocated for those. The last 3 are considered dynamic data types (that need allocation). Concept has a garbage collector, so any memory that is allocated will be automatically freed when will be no longer needed. In addition, the programmer is not allowed to force the free of one variable that still has pointers to it.


Declaring a variable

Variables are declared using the "var" keyword

Object data type

This is probably the most used data type in general Concept applications

The Concept arrays

The concept arrays are a little bit different

The delegates

Delegates are functions contained by an object (by object you should understand an instantiated class) that are referenced by a variable

The static number type

Static numbers are represented internally on 64 to 80 bits(8-10 bytes) depending on the version and operating system used

The static string type

Concept strings are autoallocable (you don't need to allocate them)